Taking the madness out of mornings for parents

Kids just love a game of Hide and Seek. The thrill of the chase and anticipation as they hide stifling giggles. But sometimes the fun can get a bit frustrating when your keys get added to the game, right before you are due to leave the house. For this reason you’ll see parents of young children placing items in strategically high shelves to ensure wallets, phones and other valuables are out of range for sticky, crayon-smeared fingers.


But sometimes at the end of the day after bath time, story time, the washing and cleaning is done it can be hard to think through the thick cloud of exhaustion to ensure everything is safely away.That’s when a pint-sized early riser and mischief maker can really put the morning schedule off, as they test out all the wonderful places your keys can fit. Like inside shoes, under towels, behind toys and in the dirt. A mad game of child-hides and adult-seeks-everything-required-to-get-out-the-door may follow. It’s not pretty and can result in at least one child leaving the house partially dressed.

At least with a Pebblebee on your key ring, no matter where in the house junior hides them, you know you’ll always be able to find your keys. Pebblebee is a small tag you attach to your keys, or anything else you don’t want to lose, and track with an app on your smartphone. It’s simple to setup and easy to use. Parent website ellaslist loves Pebblebee.

Family life can be unpredictable and a little crazy, that’s what makes it fun. Knowing you’ll find your keys quickly, despite a disappearing act, takes one stress out of your morning.