School holiday packing tips for the whole family

So it’s time for that fabulous family holiday you’ve been planning. But now the tricky bit, what to pack and more importantly how.  Here are a few tips from a mother of three that have gotten me out of trouble on more than one occasion.


Before you start packing
Think about what you will be doing, where you will be doing it, likely weather conditions and what may/may not be available  when you get there. Trying to find a replacement in a foreign location can be difficult and eat into your relaxation time.

Add a backup set of clothes that’s easy to reach
Include a clean set of backup clothes to handbags or day packs. These should be kept close at hand for every family member  as well as a stock of baby wipes incase of spills or other accidents. This will ensure you don’t have to unpack and repack the car to reach Dad’s bag or can be used as a stopgap until his lost bag is found by the airline.

Pack by need
When you are travelling as a family it can be helpful to put everything you need for particular holiday
activities together in the same bag. Instead of having to look through four or more different bags of each family members stuff.

You could pack a swimming bag with everyones swimmers, goggles and beach toys. A bedtime bag with everyone’s pajamas, sleeping toys and toothbrushes included together can make the job of getting jet-lagged or car-weary kids to bed faster. See our post on helpful tips to keep track of your luggage

Chargers and splitters 
Tablets, phones and other sanity-saving electricals don’t work without power so make sure you don’t forget your chargers and powerpoint convertors if you are heading overseas.  Headphone splitters are helpful when two members of the family want to share a movie together. Placing all these into a waterproof bag will keep things organised and help protect them if your suitcase gets wet.

Home away from home
For young children a new place can be exciting and fun, filled with new smells, sounds and food to discover. But sometimes that newness can be an assault to the senses and takes some getting use to. To help them relax and enjoy their new surroundings be sure to bring along snacks, small books, toys and other familiar things from home. Don’t pick things that are their absolute favourites or hard to replace. Anything that reminds them of home will help them to feel more at ease in their new environment.

Add a Pebblebee
For valuables you just can’t afford to lose add a Pebblebee so you can easily find them with your phone.  You can even buy a multi pack and add them to items you don’t want to forget to take. Just as you are about to leave home make each tag beep in turn as a way of checking each item is packed.

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