Reviewers give Pebblebee 85% approval rating

Reviewers from Australian parent resource website Bub Hub have tried the Pebblebee key finder and given it an 85% approval rating and an average four and half stars out of 5.

parent and toddler holding Pebblebee

Fourteen reviewers from across Australia were sent a single Pebblebee and gear to try out and asked to write a review of their experience of the Bluetooth tracking tag.

The reviews were overwhelmingly positive with users enjoying the key finder’s time saving benefits, simple setup and easy-to-use app. Six of the fourteen reviewers who trialed Pebblebee even commented that they wanted more or intended to buy additional Pebblebees to help track more of their valuables.

Some of the comments made by parents reviewing Pebblebee included:

“Thank goodness for the Pebblebee key finder. If I’d not had it attached to my keys, I would not have found them at all, and they’d be sitting in a heap at the tip.”

“Using the key finder meant that I didn’t have to waste time searching…”

“i really wish I’d thought of it myself.”

“…just having it attached to my keys gave me a certain peace of mind – part of the stress of scrabbling to find car keys is the thought that they might be lost elsewhere…”

To read all the parent reviews in full visit the Pebblebee review page on the Bub Hub website

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