How much is your car key worth?

Losing your car keys is not only annoying; it can really wreck your day. Annoyance factor aside, have you ever stopped to consider how much it would cost you to replace your car key? $50? $100? Your car key may be worth a lot more than you think. A recent call to a car dealership, in Sydney, quoted the replacement of a key for a 5 year old Toyota Camry to be $300 for a basic set of keys. Ouch! That would impact your budget.


Just remember this cost was for the key alone. This doesn’t cover the cost of work involved to reset your car’s computer or replace it entirely to link to a new set of keys, should that be required. The cost of resetting an engine computer largely depends on the make and model of car. Ben, a mechanic of 25 years in south Sydney, said that the cost to fit a new computer and code the new key for a Toyota Yaris, would be approximately $2500.

“Some prestige cars,” he said, “don’t make the codes to engines available so you won’t be able to use your local mechanic but will need to go back to the dealership for assistance.”

Depending on the type of car you drive you may also have to wait for parts to reach Australia. Ben had to wait for a week for replacement keys to arrive from Singapore for a customer recently. As this was the only key left for the car, the customer was unable to use their car until the new set arrived and work was completed.

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