Keep track of your business equipment

Keeping track of shared resources and expensive business equipment is easy with Pebblebee. Just attach a Pebblebee to the item to track it using your smartphone.


Replacing lost or damaged business equipment like laptops, cameras, mobile phones, keys and iPads can be expensive. As the IT department of our own government found out recently, it can cost thousands of dollars. Check out this article that appeared in December last year, Government loses $100k of IT equipment.

Not all companies or small businesses have $100k of equipment to lose. But if you or one of your staff loses the key to the door of your shop or café, you could miss out on a significant portion of your daily takings. With the Pebblebee attached to your keyring you can check the range finder or make the tag beep to help you find it. Even if it’s out of range, you can look at the location on Google Maps to see where the device was last seen.

A Pebblebee is small enough to easily attach to tools or scanning equipment. With a range of up to 45 metres Pebblebee is great at finding scanners forgotten in a large warehouse.

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