Long life key finder – how to replace the battery

The Pebblebee key finder not only comes with a long life Sony lithium battery, you also receive a key that enables you to quickly and easily open the finder and replace the battery without delay. No need to throw your tracker away when the battery runs out.

Battery life
It is expected with general use the battery inside your Pebblebee will last up to a year. Once the battery runs out you can easily change this at home using the key that comes with your Pebblebee. Once the battery is changed the Pebblebee will continue to work as before until the new battery has been used up.

Replacing the battery in 4 steps
Getting your Pebblebee back up and running is quick and simple, just follow these 4 simple steps:
1. Remove the Pebblebee key from the packaging. For this demonstration we are using a single Pebblebee.

Battery removal key for Pebblebee finder

2. Use the key to turn the battery cover following the direction of the arrow to loosen and remove it.
removing battery cover using key

3. Remove the old battery and add the new battery.
Pebblebee key finder with battery cover off

4. Using the key turn and tighten the battery cover back into place.

Visit the Battery Recycling site to find a location near you where you can recycle your used battery.
CAUTION: be careful to ensure you keep all used batteries out of reach for children.

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