Don’t lose another thing while on holiday

Already planning your next family holiday? Make sure you attach a Pebblebee to all your valuable belongings on the next trip with your kids. Adding a Pebblebee to your home keys will take the stress out of remembering which bag or pocket you stashed them in at the start of your trip. With a Pebblebee attached, you will never lose your keys. Just trigger the beep with your smartphone to easily find valuables amongst the mess of suitcases, cameras, camping equipment and other gear.

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Take a few Pebblebees on holiday with you and you’ll always be able to track your car keys, accommodation keys, wallet and laptop.

After packing a carful like this one, you won’t want to unpack everything when you can’t find your keys. With a Pebblebee attached to your keys and wallet you’ll be able to easily check, to know for sure, you’ve
packed them somewhere. This smart finder will keep track of the important things, ensuring a faster and low stress getaway for the whole family.

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