Election day etiquette

Don’t forget to vote in the Australian election this weekend. And remember three key rules for good polling day etiquette and a happy voting experience.


1. Take plenty of coins so you can buy a sausage sandwich and/or cake to support your local school stall. It will be strategically placed just outside the polling room so the delightful smells will have you drooling. Give generously, if you can, lots of work has gone into that perfect egg and bacon roll or caramel slice you are about to devour.

2. Leave at least one voting booth distance between you and your neighbour, where possible. People like their elbow space.

3. Check the booth before you leave to make sure you have your keys, wallet and other personal items as well as your voting slips. (A Pebblebee makes this step a whole lot easier). It can be a bit of a pain having to excuse yourself past the line of voters again, to go back to get your valuables.


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