Do you have your keys with you?

It’s a question I always ask myself as I’m about to walk out the door. It’s a sensible thing to do really, if you’re not sure when you saw them last. It is such a pain forgetting your keys and getting locked out of your own house.


My lovely girlfriend once told me a harrowing tale of when, late one night three years ago heavily pregnant with baby number two, she went to move a car into the garage. Somehow she managed to leave her apartment without her front door key or wallet. She was locked out. She stalked some people into the lift of her building and managed to get to her floor, but sadly no amount of knocking or phone calls would rouse her family from their peaceful slumber inside. Embarrassed at her plight and exhausted she decided to try to sleep in the car. The car in question was not her sister’s and by no means a large comfortable car. Eventually her family found her note the next morning and rescued her before the neighbours started to fill the garage.

After hearing this tale I always like to check I have my keys on me. This usually involves a long thorough search in the depths of an often dark handbag or multi-pocketed pram bag.

The nice thing I’ve found having the Pebblebee attached to your keyring is the ability to trigger the beep or light to flash, so there is no guessing. The flashing light on the Pebblebee is particularly helpful in an office to give you the assurance you need, without drawing attention to your forgetful ways.


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