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School holiday packing tips for the whole family

So it’s time for that fabulous family holiday you’ve been planning. But now the tricky bit, what to pack and more importantly how.  Here are a few tips from a mother of three that have gotten me out of trouble on more than one occasion. Before you start packing Think about what you will be […]

4 easy tips for keeping track of luggage this holiday

Term three of school will be over soon for children all around Australia. Many families will be off on an exciting family holiday travelling to Japan, Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Sydney, Byron Bay, Uluru, Melbourne or elsewhere. Keeping track of the masses of family luggage as well as wandering children can be a daunting task. Four […]

Best Father’s Day gift – TV remote you can’t lose

A TV remote you can never lose? This could be the best gift, perhaps even the best Father’s Day gift out there. The best part is you don’t even have to buy a special remote for the TV, go through the pain of setting it up and learning what all the buttons do. Help your Dad […]

Long life key finder – how to replace the battery

The Pebblebee key finder not only comes with a long life Sony lithium battery, you also receive a key that enables you to quickly and easily open the finder and replace the battery without delay. No need to throw your tracker away when the battery runs out. Battery life It is expected with general use the battery […]

Find your lost keys in the dark

Some things, like these jellyfish, are easier to see with a light. Shouldn’t your key finder be able to standout as well? Illuminating a dark space instantly takes away the shadows and makes finding your keys, wallet or other valuable so much easier and faster. Find lost belongings in the dark with Pebblebee. No more wasted time checking bags and the ground to find a lost key. No […]

Election day etiquette

Don’t forget to vote in the Australian election this weekend. And remember three key rules for good polling day etiquette and a happy voting experience. 1. Take plenty of coins so you can buy a sausage sandwich and/or cake to support your local school stall. It will be strategically placed just outside the polling room so the delightful smells will have you drooling. Give […]

Best key finding features

The Pebblebee is one of the smartest key finders on the market. Check out some of Pebblebee’s  best features that makes finding your lost keys simple and easy. Strong and light The Pebblebee Bluetooth key finder is light and tough. It’s as light as an Australian 20 cent coin.  Despite it’s light weight, the Pebblebee has been built to withstand […]

Don’t lose another thing while on holiday

Already planning your next family holiday? Make sure you attach a Pebblebee to all your valuable belongings on the next trip with your kids. Adding a Pebblebee to your home keys will take the stress out of remembering which bag or pocket you stashed them in at the start of your trip. With a Pebblebee attached, […]

Reviewers give Pebblebee 85% approval rating

Reviewers from Australian parent resource website Bub Hub have tried the Pebblebee key finder and given it an 85% approval rating and an average four and half stars out of 5. Fourteen reviewers from across Australia were sent a single Pebblebee and gear to try out and asked to write a review of their experience […]

Mother’s Day gift – key finder

Give your mum more time to relax Finding a good Mother’s Day gift, that she will really appreciate, doesn’t need to be hard. Mum’s on Ellaslist love Pebblebee. Give her a Pebblebee and she’ll never waste time looking for her lost keys again. Buy her one today for $34.95 It’s as simple as: Find it […]

Find it the easy way

Pebblebee is so easy to use and such a helpful device. We wanted to show you just how easy. So we added Pebblebees to an egg hunt and got the kids to lead the action.  Check out this fun video. Learn more about Pebblebee Buy yours today from our shop  

Keep track of your business equipment

Keeping track of shared resources and expensive business equipment is easy with Pebblebee. Just attach a Pebblebee to the item to track it using your smartphone. Replacing lost or damaged business equipment like laptops, cameras, mobile phones, keys and iPads can be expensive. As the IT department of our own government found out recently, it […]

Do you have your keys with you?

It’s a question I always ask myself as I’m about to walk out the door. It’s a sensible thing to do really, if you’re not sure when you saw them last. It is such a pain forgetting your keys and getting locked out of your own house. My lovely girlfriend once told me a harrowing […]

Taking the madness out of mornings for parents

Kids just love a game of Hide and Seek. The thrill of the chase and anticipation as they hide stifling giggles. But sometimes the fun can get a bit frustrating when your keys get added to the game, right before you are due to leave the house. For this reason you’ll see parents of young […]

Back to school – keep track of belongings

A bag is packed with all the essential school supplies, a uniform is neatly pressed and ready to go, you are all ready for the first day of school, right? Almost. There is nothing more annoying than losing things and wasting time in the lost property bin. Here are three tips to help you keep […]

Achievable new year resolutions

Making new year resolutions is a time honoured tradition at this time of year. And as the clock strikes midnight, people everywhere steal a kiss and swear to get fit, get a new job, quit cigarettes or exclaim some other worthwhile goal.  And commendable as these efforts are, soon the months are flying by with […]

How much is your car key worth?

Losing your car keys is not only annoying; it can really wreck your day. Annoyance factor aside, have you ever stopped to consider how much it would cost you to replace your car key? $50? $100? Your car key may be worth a lot more than you think. A recent call to a car dealership, […]

4 tips for buying a Kris Kringle gift

At this time of year, in offices all over the world, people are wondering ….what gift do i take to the office Christmas party? The pressure is on to find something thoughtful and interesting within budget. Not an easy task when we are all more time poor than ever. Here are a few tips to […]

Pebblebee trackers focus on users

It seems more and more people are recognising the value of user-led technology and development even in applications as small as tracking devices for keys and wallets. Pebblebee uses its own specially designed wireless beacon technology enabling the development of user-led functionality. This dedication to innovation is winning fans everywhere. John Cook, Co-founder of leading technology news site GeekWire, […]

Tips to make your move a little easier

Top 10 Tips for a Better Move Moving house can be a stressful and busy time. Here are a few of our top tips to make your move a little easier. 1. Book your removalists. Do this as a matter of priority to make sure you can move on your preferred time and day. You’ll […]