Best key finding features

The Pebblebee is one of the smartest key finders on the market. Check out some of Pebblebee’s  best features that makes finding your lost keys simple and easy.

Strong and light

The Pebblebee Bluetooth key finder is light and tough. It’s as light as an Australian 20 cent coin.  Despite it’s light weight, the Pebblebee has been built to withstand the everyday knocks and mishaps a set of keys experiences. The outer casing is made from toughened plastic. The electronics are housed inside a durable glass-filled case, which is ultrasonically sealed with a rubber gasket around the battery access panel.  These protective measures help to make Pebblebee strong and water resistant in most conditions.

Pebblebee comes with a replaceable lithium battery.

Easy to use

After just a few taps from your smartphone you can make the Pebblebee beep, light-up or track it using
the coloured range finder.

Illuminates in dark places

An LED light on the Pebblebee can be triggered to help you find your keys faster inside dark handbags, nappy bags, cricket bags and backpacks.

Track up to 10 different items

The Pebblebee app enables you to track up to 10 different Pebblebees from the one app. That means you can keep track of your wallet, home keys, tools, car keys, laptop, shed keys, TV remote, IPad and more all from the one smartphone.

45 metre range

The Bluetooth connection works with your smartphone up to 45 metres depending on obstructions. Outside this range can increase.

Huge help to parents

Reviewers from Australian parenting website Bubhub gave Pebblebee an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 with many commenting they wanted more.

Remote button for your camera

You can even choose to make the button on your Pebblebee connect to the camera on your phone. Fit everyone into your next shot or take the perfect selfie, with just the click of your Pebblebee.

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