Best Father’s Day gift – TV remote you can’t lose

A TV remote you can never lose? This could be the best gift, perhaps even the best Father’s Day gift out there. The best part is you don’t even have to buy a special remote for the TV, go through the pain of setting it up and learning what all the buttons do.

Help your Dad stop wasting time and give him a Pebblebee. With a Pebblebee attached he will always find his missing TV remote, keys, wallet or other treasured belonging. No more running late to work and meetings because of lost keys. No more scurrying around the house looking under paperwork or under the couch before he can watch his beloved team.

Finding your TV remote with Pebblebee in 4 easy steps
1. Using the double sided adhesive sticker attach one side to the Pebblebee, then attach the other side of the sticker to your TV remote.
(Make sure you stick the Pebblebee onto your remote so the tag’s battery cover is still accessible. You’ll need to be able to remove it to replace the battery when it runs low)
2. Download the free Pebblebee app
3. Claim and sync the Pebblebee with your phone or tablet
4. Any time you can’t find the remote for your TV  just tap the app on your phone to make the Pebblebee beep or light-up. Easy.


With the Pebblebee attached Dad will always be able to find the television remote when he needs it. No more missing that important tackle, catch or goal.

Buy a 6 pack so you and Dad can find all your valuables with ease

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