Back to school – keep track of belongings

A bag is packed with all the essential school supplies, a uniform is neatly pressed and ready to go, you are all ready for the first day of school, right? Almost. There is nothing more annoying than losing things and wasting time in the lost property bin. Here are three tips to help you keep track of your belongings this term.

Have you made sure everything has a name clearly marked on it?
Every part of the uniform as well as everything taken to school will need an identifying label. Students move between so many different environments during their day. A student may go from the bus, to the library, to the classroom, to a lunch area and a music room all in one day. That’s a lot of times to remember all your stuff. No wonder there are a few things that get left behind.


Add more than a name
If you can manage to squeeze it on its worth including first name, last name, a contact phone number and class (this can be added later).  There are often a number of people at the same school with the same name and a phone number can really aid in the identification and recovery process. Given the chance, most people like to return lost items to their rightful owner.

Track belongings
Add a Pebblebee to expensive items or things you really can’t stand the thought of losing.  A Pebblebee is a small tracking device that works with your phone using Bluetooth technology. Simply attach it to your laptop, wallet, house keys…anything. Once attached, you can use the Pebblebee app on your phone to make the tracking device beep or illuminate when you’ve lost sight of your item. It’s easy to attach and use.

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