Achievable new year resolutions

Making new year resolutions is a time honoured tradition at this time of year. And as the clock strikes midnight, people everywhere steal a kiss and swear to get fit, get a new job, quit cigarettes or exclaim some other worthwhile goal.  And commendable as these efforts are, soon the months are flying by with many resolutions left unfulfilled. These once enthusiastic promisers are racked with the guilt of yet again failing to deliver.


Here are a few strategies you can try to help your new year’s resolutions become reality.

Make sure your resolutions are specific and where possible include dates by which you want them completed
Many make the mistake of setting impossible tasks. Take the “Get fit” example. This is far too general a statement. It’s fine to scream aloud on New year’s eve after a few glasses of bubbles. But when the hangover has cleared, make sure you convert this idea into a clear measurable and achievable goal. “Get fit” may turn into something like – I will be able to climb the stairs to my office without puffing or feeling like I may see my lunch again, by the end of March.

Break down a bigger goal into smaller steps
To help you feel like you are making progress, break things down into smaller actionable jobs that will get you closer to your end goal.  You may have promised to spend more time with your partner in the new year. Breaking down this resolution could involve scheduling a weekly/monthly date into both your calendars or booking a weekend away in the first quarter of the year.

Write them down and ensure you see them every day
Jot down goals and add them to the fridge or somewhere else you pass everyday. Having this visual will give you a daily reminder of what you want to do. This will help you stay focused and motivated to take action.

Cross off the ones you’ve completed
As you successfully complete each goal make a point of crossing it off your list. You will find the act of crossing off a completed resolution, incredibly satisfying and will help spur you on to work harder on the rest.

Share your goals with friends
Your friends can help you to stay focused and encourage you to deliver on your new year resolutions. Telling friends and family also broadens the network that can help. Be open with others on what you are trying to achieve. Many people have experience or skills you may never have known existed and are more than willing to share their knowledge.

Find tools that help
These days there are so many apps, websites, blogs and other technology available for various applications. Have a look around you may find something out there in cyberspace that can help. Perhaps you’re sick of losing things and want to stop running late. Knock a resolution off your list by adding a tracker like Pebblebee  to your keys, wallet or anything else you lose. Being able to track your stuff with your phone will help you get out the door much faster.