How it works

Pebblebee uses Bluetooth LE technology that connects the tag to your phone. Inside, this connection can be up to 45 metres depending on obstructions. Outside, this range can increase.To find your missing item open the Pebblebee app and select the tag you are searching for. You can track up to 10 different Pebblebee tags from your phone. Check the range finder. The coloured circle will change as you get closer to your lost item. It will move from red (not close), orange (getting closer), yellow (almost there) and green (very close).

Or you can tap on the speaker/beep to make your Pebblebee beep or the light bulb/flash to trigger the LED light to flash. At any time check the map to see the last detected location on Google Maps.

Parent approved

Reviewers from Australian parent resource website Bub Hub have trialed the Pebblebee key finder and given it an 85% approval rating or an average four and half stars out of 5. To read all the reviews in full visit the Pebblebee review on the Bub Hub website.

Vicki Leibowitz, an explorer at daily parent guide site ellaslist, wrote that Pebblebee was a “…‘finding device’ that even the most techy-challenged mum can manage..” Read the full ellaslist review of Pebblebee

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Getting started is so easy

Once you’ve downloaded the Pebblebee app to your phone and registered your details simply press the button on the side of the Pebblebee for 5 seconds and claim the Pebblebee through the app. This will add it to your account. You can have up to 10 Pebblebees claimed to the one account. So you will be able to track your home, car and shed keys all from the same phone.

About the creators

Pebblebee was designed and developed by two entrepreneurial Boeing engineers and frustrated dads, Daniel Daoura and Nick Pearson-Franks. They raised over $200,000 thanks to the generosity of over 3000 backers to launch Pebblebee. Pebblebee Inc. has developed and engineered its own beacon technology enabling it to quickly react and improve their products based on customer feedback. Learn more from co-founder Daniel Daoura in this video from the Geek Wire summit in Seattle


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