4 tips for buying a Kris Kringle gift

At this time of year, in offices all over the world, people are wondering ….what gift do i take to the office Christmas party? The pressure is on to find something thoughtful and interesting within budget. Not an easy task when we are all more time poor than ever. Here are a few tips to get you across the line this holiday season.

1. Focus on your recipient
As fun as it is to buy something that makes you laugh just remember this isn’t about making you laugh, it’s about making a team member happy. Not everyone has the same sense of humour as you and a joke may fall flat. Give them something they are likely to enjoy.


2. Research your staff member
If you are given a specific person to buy for make sure you take some time to research them and their interests.
-Take a look around their desk. Are there photographs of family, pets or evidence of hobbies? A bike helmet could lead to a puncture kit, a photo of children could lead to a pass to a museum or voucher to a gourmet ice-cream parlour.
-Check them out on social channels. You may be able to pick up on more hobbies or find their favourite restaurant.
-Talk to their friends for ideas.

3. Hit the shops or internet with a loose theme or idea in mind
It’s easy to waste time in an aimless search dazzled by so many possibilities. Figure out a loose theme you can use to help focus your search, like gourmet cook. This will help you to zero in on relevant shops to find options.

4. Before you buy stop for a second
Before putting down your cold hard cash, think about how your gift may be received by your colleague and others in the office. How you treat others in these situations communicates a lot about who you are. See this Kris Kringle gift as an opportunity to win a team member over. Put any grudges aside and get them something worthwhile. It’s Christmas after all.

Easy Kris Kringle gifts
– Everyone has keys and hates losing things. Buy them a Pebblebee
– Photo frames. Everyone has a favourite photo they like to put on display of a family member, place or pet. If you are worried it might appear a bit boring, you can add an appropriate picture of their favourite singer or actor to make it a little more relevant and interesting. Just be careful when you do this not to damage the gift, the receiver doesn’t want to think you gave them a secondhand gift.
– Gourmet chocolates.
– Stationery. There are lots of beautifully designed travel journals and calendars available.
– Nice mug, cutlery set, bowl or plate. Most office kitchens often run out of utensils and these items can really come in handy.