4 easy tips for keeping track of luggage this holiday

Term three of school will be over soon for children all around Australia. Many families will be off on an exciting family holiday travelling to Japan, Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Sydney, Byron Bay, Uluru, Melbourne or elsewhere. Keeping track of the masses of family luggage as well as wandering children can be a daunting task.

Four easy tips for finding your luggage faster
1. Add a unique colourful sticker or badge to your suitcase or bag to help distinguish it from others and easier to spot on a crowded baggage carousel
2. Use labels to make identification of your bags faster.  You can easily grab a few at the check-in counter and write them up while you wait if you don’t have your own.
3. Attach a Pebblebee so you can use the beep or coloured range finder to help you figure out if your bag is close
4. Take a photo of all your bags using your phone so you can easily check off each bag when you reach baggage claim and make sure you haven’t missed anything. This picture can also help should your bags go missing and you need to file a report.


While lost luggage is often just delayed and usually returned smaller valuable carry-on items like keys, a wallet or favourite teddy can easily be set down and lost. Travelling is exhausting and when you’re tired it’s easy to put belongings down and forget them. Retracing your steps at a busy airport with a screaming toddler in tow to find that irreplaceable lost item can be time consuming and frustrating.

At least with a Pebblebee attached you won’t have to rely just on your foggy jet-lagged memory to recall which shops you entered or just your eyes to spy it among rows of merchandise. With a few taps from your phone you’ll be able to see if it is nearby or make the Pebblebee beep so you can follow the sound to its location.

Learn more about how Pebblebee works

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